Five businesses that support refugees in Atlanta

Georgia has one of the largest refugee populations in the United States. They are not only part of the community, but also vital to the economy. In the current political climate, refugees and immigrants have often been classified as the “other,” in an attempt to question their loyalty. These are five businesses that support local refugee residents. 

  1. Morning Star Atleier was started with the help of the local community through GoFundMe to help start Yaser Musa’s alteration business. 
  2. Merhaba Shawarma is a small family-owned restaurant started by Manna Samuel. She came from Eritrea in 1983 and got the courage to buy the space in 2012 after being laid off from her job.
  3. Johari Africa works with the Amani Women Center to provide African refugee women an economic opportunity. With the center, the women can sell different hand-crafted products such as wrap skirts and bracelets to help sustain their homes.
  4. Just Bakery of Atlanta is a non-profit bakery started by a resettled refugee that hires fellow resettled refugees. They rotate their menu based on the influences of the various cooks.  
  5. World Art Galler and Gift Shop at Clarkston Community encourages the showcase of the various diverse community in the community. 

These businesses are following through with the common Southern phrase, “y’all means all,” to show that they actually mean everybody.

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